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EPA publications are available from our website, and are categorised as:

How to search our database

All our publications are stored in a central web-linked database, and easily searchable via FIND A DOCUMENT (see light blue box on top right hand side of screen).

If you know, please choose a CATEGORY and TYPE from the drop-down list before typing in the subject matter or title (or part) of the publication. If you are unsure of the Category or Type, you may just fill in the last blank. Then press GO to activate the search.

The search results can be sorted:

  • in alphabetical order (click TITLE)
  • by date of publication (click DATE)
  • by type of publication (click FILE)
  • by category of publication (click DOCUMENT)

You can also use the links on the left hand side of the screen to browse publications by category.

To search multiple words eg water quality, please remember you must use quotes to surround exact phrases. So your search entry would be "water quality". Both single and double quotes are supported.

File format

For your convenience publications are available for downloading as PDF files. To view these, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded freely here. Documents are reproduced as originally printed and will contain an occasional blank page.

Important to note:

The following regulations on all EPA publications have been updated:

  • Environment Protection (Fees and Levy) Regulations 1994
  • Environment Protection (General) Regulations 1994
  • Environment Protection (Exempt Classes of Persons and Activities) Regulations 2001
  • Environment Protection (Site Contamination) Regulations 2008
  • Environment Protection (Beverage Container) Regulations 2008

In all cases where any of the above appears in any publication, these have been replaced by the Environment Protection Regulations 2009 from 1 September 2009.

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Last modified: 24/07/2012 03:51 pm

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