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Noise affects most of us at some time.

Noise may become annoying if it intrudes into people's awareness or is heard against their wishes. An introduced noise that disturbs a person's everyday life or working environment can be very annoying or harmful, affecting their wellbeing.

There are several legislative tools and agencies that can help resolve these issues. Please choose the most appropriate category for your noise complaint from the list below.

Who can help?

If you happen to be the cause of a noise complaint, it is usually in your best interests to reduce or remove the noise to avoid the risk of enforcement action.

In most cases it is best to resolve noise issues either by identifying and then working with the affected parties, or stopping the activity altogether. Issues that are resolved in this way usually result in friendlier relationships with those being affected.

The EPA licenses premises and activities that have the potential to cause significant or widespread impact on the environment.

Please note that environmental nuisance issues involving domestic premises and non-licensed sites do not fall into this category. The EPA provides support about these matters to agencies that are able to assist you with any complaints. In many instances these agencies including the EPA work together to help deliver an appropriate outcome.

Last modified: 08/04/2015 07:37 am

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